A well-made cocktail? A brilliant beer list? Impeccably sourced and perfectly grilled octopus? All great and sure to please.  But how we are welcomed, cared for, and remembered when we go out to eat? That’s what stays with us and that’s what keeps us coming back to certain places again and again.

When we set out to open our own restaurant, our mission was simple: to offer our guests a warm and inviting space with truly amazing  service and hospitality, good energy, and great food, cocktails, and wines. This is what we strive to do each day at Bar Mezzana.

Located in Boston’s dynamic South End neighborhood, we are part of an incredible community and hope that people who visit Bar Mezzana will immediately feel at home whether they live upstairs, down the street, or a plane ride away. 


We love the hospitality industry and are proud of our incredible team in the kitchen and on the floor; talented, passionate, caring people who believe in the pursuit of excellence and the value of making personal connections.

They will happily discuss the merits of a lesser known wine from the slopes of Mt. Etna, where chef is sourcing his sustainable and very delicious Maine yellowtail from, or anything else a guest would like to know to make their dining experience more pleasurable or interesting. 

Here Chef/Partner Colin Lynch shares his love for regional Italian cooking. So many dishes which seem simple at a glance with a handful of ingredients - cacio e pepe, for example- actually require great skill, relying upon perfect ingredients and technique; everything must come together in just the right proportions at the right time. And when it does? Bliss. The essence of Italian food, whether a bowl of handmade pasta or plate of langoustine dressed simply with lime and Sicilian sea salt, that of a dish becoming far greater and infinitely more complex than the sum of its parts.


We look forward to welcoming you to Bar Mezzana.
 -Chef Colin Lynch, GM Heather Lynch, & Jefferson Macklin -


The Space

Located in Boston’s dynamic South End neighborhood, Bar Mezzana anchors the Ink Block South End development in Ink Block’s first luxury condominium building, Sepia.  Designed by South End resident and architect Aaron Weinert of Studio DRAW, the space reflects both the industrial history of the location and a commitment to inspired modern design.