caitlyn roy

Service Manager

Caitlyn Roy was born in Oxford, Mississippi, but spent much of her childhood moving around the country with her father's job. As a student of, and eventually professor of, Mechanical Engineering, his work brought the family to various universities around the United States and England. In addition to exploring different cultures with her family, these travels introduced Caitlyn to new forms of regional cuisine all over the world. From falling in love with lobster in Maine to trying duck for the first time on a trip to France, each new place inspired Caitlyn’s love of food and hospitality.


Caitlyn eventually settled down in Boston when she enrolled in Boston University to pursue a degree in Athletic Training. After graduating in 2005, she decided to go a different direction, and accepted a position at Wellington Management, an investment services firm in Boston, where she worked as an administrative assistant. In the evenings, Caitlyn worked as a host and part-time server in the restaurant industry. She quickly fell in love with the exciting atmosphere, the warm people, and the wealth of knowledge available to her in the hospitality world. After more than five years juggling her passion with her 9-5 job, Caitlyn left the finance world in 2011 to pursue hospitality full time.


Working as a server at Sportello, part of the Barbara Lynch Gruppo, she learned as much as she could about the service industry and was continually inspired by the commitment of Sportello’s manager at the time, Heather Lynch. After five years of working together, Caitlyn joined Heather, along with Chef Colin Lynch and Jefferson Macklin when they left the Gruppo to open Bar Mezzana in 2016.


During her time at Bar Mezzana, Caitlyn has worked her way up from a server to Service Manager. In her position, she ensures the exceptional standard of service at the restaurant, which includes everything from training staff to bussing tables.


On her nights off, Caitlyn enjoys visiting the New England Aquarium, binging on Netflix, and exploring the local bar scene.